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How We Started 

The Live Thru It Foundation, Inc. was founded by Kathy A. Reddick following her own battle with Triple Negative breast cancer. At the time, Kathy was one of eight persons she knew who had a breast cancer diagnosis.

While Kathy was blessed with the support of her husband, family, and friends, she noticed that many women going through treatments were not in the same position. This led Kathy to question what other support women facing a breast cancer diagnosis were missing.

Kathy also recognizes that there are higher incidences of mortality rates for African American, Latino, and economically disadvantaged women. There are limited culturally sensitive materials available to assist women diagnosed with breast cancer to give them access to receive comprehensive medical care and social support.

Our Goals 

LTIF was formed to address the needs of breast cancer patients and survivors. Our aim is to provide a supportive, healthy, and educational atmosphere for women and their families. 

Relying on her 15 years in health care management and the support she received from a friend (a former oncology nurse) during her battle, Kathy composed a team of professionals to assist her in this journey. The objective was to ensure that women diagnosed with breast cancer receive comprehensive medical care and social support.

The women who have joined her on this journey either have a personal or professional experience with breast cancer or shared Kathy’s vision to help women survive.

Kathy is now six years into her survivorship. She works to support others impacted by breast cancer and aid in their survivorship.

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